Top 10 Showbox Alternative | Best Movie apps for Android like Showbox

If you are looking for Apps Like Showbox for Android, iOS, Windows, and PC, then you are in right place. Without any doubt, Showbox is the Best Movie Streaming app for all Platforms. Showbox App is packed with all powerful features and available for all platforms that too for free. While talking about Streaming Latest episodes of TV series, Movies Online nothing will do better than Showbox. As it offers all entertainment stuff in your device from trailers to Movies, News to Music without charging any subscription fee. With Showbox Apk install, you can also download all movies and Television Shows on your device and watch them without an internet connection. With an easy user interface and attractive graphical design, Showbox gains more popularity among all other competitive Movie Streaming apps. However, if you want to try out something new then you can refer these Best Showbox alternative for PC /Mobiles / Tablets.


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Enjoy all Movies stuff on Showbox for Android, iPhone, Windows and Blackberry with Showbox Download. Showbox Apk will keep you updated with all your favorite movies and TV shows Online. No Only Movies Showbox app also provide trailers, News, sports and Music all in one place. Want to get the finest entertainment like Showbox with similar apps. Here we provide a complete guide about all Showbox alternative apps. Then what are you waiting for just scroll down and get the detail about Similar Apps like Showbox?  Just like Showbox, you can also stream allthe latest HD movies, shows with this alternative app.

Best Apps Like Showbox

Streaming Latest Movies TV series will always be the best way to cut down leisure time. However watching them in your device rather than regular TV, quite refreshing and comfortable.  Showbox is perfect for all those movies freaks. Unfortunately, Showbox app is not available on the Play store. If you want to something new but same as Showbox then you can just have a look at this Best Showbox Alternatives.  Here we provide the Best movie apps for Android like Showbox.

If you want to try something new other than Showbox or if your Showbox not working for some reason, don’t worry. You will never miss a show as here we given the Best Showbox alternative. Check out the best movie streaming apps like Showbox for Android as well as iOS devices. So that you can easily stream all your desired movies and TV Shows Online and even Download them onto your device. Now let us have look at the list of Showbox alternatives in the following section. All these Showbox like apps will have same features set so you will get all your entertainment without any Malware and virus. Want to Download Showbox App then click on the following link.

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List of app Like Showbox

  1. Crackle
  2. PlayBox HD App
  3. CinemaBox
  4. MegaBox HD App
  5. Viewster
  6. Hubi
  7. Bobby Movie Box
  8. Popcorn Time App
  9. TubiTv
  10. Flipps HD App

1. Crackle (Android)

If you are searching for the Best alternative to Showbox app, then try Crackle? Not yet? Just Like Showbox, Crackle will allow you to stream movies on your android device. With its easy user interface and simple navigation, you can easily pick movies and Television Shows with utmost comfort. However, you can’t Download then as you did in Showbox. You can easily Download crackle App directly from  Google Play Store as well as iTunes. Now you can extend your entertainment wings in all platform as Crackle App is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Windows /PC/ Laptop, Amazon Kindle, Television.apps like showbox -Crackle

2. PlayBox HD App (Android, iOS)

PlayBox HD App is the perfect Showbox alternative of all time. The feature set of Playbox HD is similar to the Showbox so you will never miss your entertainment. With its easy navigation along with a rich feature set like Showbox, now you can stream all your heart Content Online. Playbox HD compatible with both iOS and Android platform you can easily run it on all your devices without any hesitation. As the best Showbox Alternative provide similar features like Reviews & ratings, Subtitle you can enjoy all your Shows and Movies Online.apps like showbox -Playbox HD

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3. CinemaBox (Android, iOS)

CinemaBox is one of the best App like Showbox. Yes, CinemaBox is a free Movie streaming app for both iOS and Android users. With this Best Showbox alternative for pc /Mobile version, you can able to watch all your favorite movies and Shows on your device. Start streaming all Video in HD quality along with subtitles. CinemaBox free movies app like Showbox offer easy user interface and user friends GUI so that you can easily find your stuff. Similar to the Showbox Cinema box also have a huge data collection which is frequently updated, so you will get all latest stuff online. You can easily Download Cinema box movies and TV Shows in your device and watch them online. Even CinemaBox is not available in Google Play Store or iTunes, you can download it from a reliable source that too for free.

apps like showbox -Cinemabox

4. MegaBox HD App (Android)

MegaBox HD App is the good alternative to Showbox as they both same features. Yes, this perfect app like Showbox offers all the latest stuff on Movies and TV series on your device. All you have to need is a decent speed broadband connection. Just like Showbox, with MegaBox HD you can choose the video resolution from 360 to 720p of your convenience. And you can also create your own playlist in MegaBox HD app to categorized as per your preferences.  With huge data collection of Megabox HD App, you can get all your entertainment without any doubt.

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5. Viewster

Viewster Movie Streaming app is best to watch all the latest Cinemas Ans TV Shows for free. Yes, Viewster is the free to use Movies app for all platforms. With a decent internet connection, you can stream all latest Shows Online with Viewster app.  As it offers all genres including Anime, Romance, Comedy, Horror, fantasy and many more on your device. You don’t have to worry about the legality of all the content including Movies and Television Shows on Viewster are legalized. So you can stream all your favorite content on your device. As Viewster Offer simple user-friendly GUI  you can easily use the app without any guidance. With movie apps for Android like Showbox, you can watch movies and shows on TV as it is compatible with Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV.

apps like showbox -Viewster

6. Hubi (Android and iOS)

Hubi is the best app like Showbox for Android, iOS, Windows /PC. With this perfect alternative to Showbox, you can watch as well as Download all stuff Online and watch it offline. One of the interesting features of Hubi App is you can get all its features without spending a single cent. With Hubi Movie Streaming app’s user interface and quality will make you fall in love with its features. Especially just like Showbox pap Hubi also doesn’t need any Flashplayer to work.

apps like showbox -Hubi

7. Bobby Movie Box (Android, iOS)

Bobby Movie Box is the Best Showbox alternative for iPhone, Android. The Bobby Movie Box is one among the Best apps like Showbox where you can stream HD Movies and Television Shows Online for free. Now you can enjoy all your favorite content on Bobby Movies app with high-quality streaming. As it provides all the latest updates on movies, tv shows and many more you will never miss your heart content. You can watch all Bobby Movies and Series on any device as it offers cross-platform compatibility. Yes, Bobby Movie Box App Support all devices including Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets, PC /Windows and Xbox.

apps like showbox -Bobby Movie Box

8. Popcorn Time App (Android, iOS, and Linux)

When we talking about apps like Showbox, this one must come in the list Popcorn Time App. Yes as the name specifies, it is Popcorn time you can watch all the latest Film and TV Series / Shows Online for free. Just like the Showbox, Popcorn Time app also offer multiplatform support so that you can enjoy all the shows and Latest movies on any device including Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. Stream all latest HD movie and TV Shows as it is a perfect ShowBox alternative right now.  The easy User interface and simple design will allow you to explore all content on Popcorn App.

apps like showbox -Popcorn Times

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9. TubiTV

Tubi is one of the Best apps like Showbox which offers all Movies, TV series for free of cost. Without any subscription fees, you can watch all amazing HD Movies and episodes of all TV Show anywhere and at any time. As TubiTV offer multiplatform compatibility you can watch your favorite content on any device including Mobiles (Android, iOS, and Windows), Tablets, PC/ Laptop/ Mac, Chromecast, Kodi and many more. With the Tubi Tv App, you can get more than 7000+ Movies and TV shows Online absolutely for free. Download this Showbox alternative directly from Google Play store or App Store (iTunes).


10. Flipps HD App (Android, iOS)

Download Flipps Hd is top ShowBox alternative available on market. Just Download Flipps HD app like Showbox for iPhone and Android offers a set of cool new features. With Flipps HS  you can stream Online Movies, TV Series and TV Shows and all other viral videos in HD quality. enjoy unlimited video streaming experience on Flipps HD App as it has a huge database of latest movies and TV Shows. AS it is compatible with all other platforms you can enjoy video streaming on any device without any third party applications. Enjoy all the latest movies, TV Shows and Music of all genre for free. The Simplified user interface and attractive design you can stream and download your heart content.

apps like showbox -Flipps

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So this is all about the Best Apps like Showbox on the Market. If you want to try something else than Showbox then you can go for this Best Showbox alternative. Check let us have a look at the app like Showbox for Android, iPhone and choose the best one according to your preference. As we provide a Top 10 app like Showbox for iPhone and Android. Just install any of these apps like Showbox and start streaming all latest Shows and Movies Online. All these similar apps like Showbox for Windows, Mac, Laptop, Mobile (Android & iOS) will provide as features and functionality as Showbox. Share your experience with us about the Best Showbox Alternatives. We will update all other apps like Showbox for your convenience. As you can directly Download all these Apps like Showbox from Google play store and iTunes, so need for any third party applications.

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